Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My New Favorite Shoes

Hey friends!  I'd like you to meet my new favorite shoes!  I bought them several weeks back, before I cut myself off from shopping.  And actually I bought them with credit I had from a pair I had bought and returned twice trying to get the right size...  I finally gave up on that pair and got these!  I thought they would be perfect for fall!  And I was right!  ;-)  You will be seeing them again!

Aren't they awesome?!  Yesss!  I'm seeing camo all over these days.  Jackets, pants, tees...  I've always been a fan of camo, so this trend is no-brainer for me.  And it's perfect for pattern mixing!  See?

Jacket: Kohl's / Tee: Forever 21 / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: TOMS

Wait, have you seen this jacket??  I've had it for a few months, but it was too hot to wear it at first.  Lately, I find myself wanting to wear it every day!  Since I don't have a closeup shot of it, check it out here.  It has this awesome lace section across the shoulders!  A little feminine touch to a masculine piece.  Love it!

If you just have to get yourself a pair of these fabulous shoes, or any other pair of TOMS, follow this link to save $15 off your order, and I'll earn a $15 credit.  Bonus!  Ooh, and they have free shipping right now, too!  I <3 TOMS!

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Monday, October 21, 2013


My favorite animal print is most definitely leopard!  It goes with everything!  Navy, black, yellow, red, green, purple, stripes, more stripes...  (Yes, follow those links to see some super cute leopard outfits!)  My favorite way to wear leopard (so far) is my trusty leopard scarf. 

Scarf: GroopDealz / Tunic: Old Navy / Leggings: Kohl's / Boots: Old Navy

I'm thinking I could really use some more leopard in my life...  in the form of a pair of flats, a belt, maybe some leggings!  But...  I'm not shopping for anything for a while, so those things are just going to have to stay on THE LIST for now.  :)

What about you??  Do you wear leopard?  What other animal prints have made their way into your wardrobe?

Friday, October 18, 2013


Apparently I wore these two almost identical outfits exactly one month apart.  The 18th of August and the 18th of September.  And here we are, the 18th of October!  100% coincidence!

In August, I wore this floral top over my favorite little black dress.

Top: JCPenney / Dress: Forever 21 / Flats: Target / Belt: H&M

And in September, I paired it with my black skinny jeans.  You will be seeing more of these!

Jeans: H&M

I didn't even realize that I had worn nearly the same outfit until I was looking through stashed pictures.  Not that I care, I re-wear outfits all the time.  If I like it, I'm totally wearing it again! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Top: JCPenney / Jeans: JCPenney / Shoes: TOMS

I don't really have much to say.  I just felt like sharing this outfit, because I absolutely loved wearing it.  So easy, so comfortable.  Never in a million years did I expect to love wearing a denim(ish) top, especially not with denim jeans...  But I do!  I think it works because of the great difference in the two shades of denim.  How do you feel about denim on denim?  Wait, what's the difference between denim and chambray??

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Embrace The Camera

Embrace The Camera is a concept I was introduced to by Emily over at The Anderson Crew.  It's about getting in the picture with your loved ones, not just hiding behind the camera.  Capturing memories, with you in them.  I'm sure we all know what it's like to look back through the photos from an event and realize we weren't in a single one.  I know I take a ton of pictures of my kids... at home, at the zoo, at birthday parties, anywhere, any time!  But I forget to hop into view myself.  I want my kids to grow up and have pictures of ALL of us to look at and bring back childhood memories, big and small.  So I am making an effort to Embrace The Camera!

Last week, Emily and her friend Sarah invited us to Embrace The Camera every day that week.  Each day had a prompt that you could follow, but the important part was just that you made an effort to get in the picture each day.  I was able to get it done three days, and these are my photos.


Making Memories


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Floral From Summer To Fall

Well, I've decided that since I still have a few photos of summer outfits in my stash, I'm going to work on showing how to transition those pieces into fall, just like I did on Monday.  Fun stuff!  So here's an outfit I wore sometime in August.

Tank: Forever 21 / Shorts: Old Navy / Belt: H&M / Sandals: Target

Check out this necklace!  It was a splurge for me to buy this from The Limited for a whole $16.  But I wear it all. the. time.  I have quite a few statement necklaces, but they're just not that practical for my everyday life, so I'm constantly grabbing this one for just a little sparkle.

I know arrows are kind of a trendy thing right now, but they mean more than that to me.  First of all, my husband is a bow hunter, as well as both of our fathers.  I don't hunt, but I do enjoy target shooting, and we are passing the love of archery on to our children.  But going even beyond that, there's this:

"Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him. 
 Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are children born in one’s youth. 
 Blessed is the man
    whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame
    when they contend with their opponents in court."
Psalm 127: 3-5 

Woohoooo, I AM BLESSED!  Children are a rewardLove that scripture.

Anyways, here is how I'm wearing my floral tank today...

Sweater: Target / Maxi Skirt: JCPenney

Since it's not TOO cold out yet, I can still get away with wearing my maxi skirts, and the cardigan keeps me warm up top.  I LOVE layering pieces, so I can wear my summer tops all year long!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Neutrals From Summer To Fall

As you may have noticed, I'm usually quite a colorful girl.  But neutrals can sure pack a punch, if you do it right!  Today, I'm linking up with Caitlin over at Greater Than Rubies, to share how I remix, rewear and restyle my neutrals!  Get excited!  I'm finally transitioning into FALL!

I got this lace dress on clearance recently, and I know I will be able to wear it a million ways!  This is how I wore it for a get together I hosted on a warm, summer day!

Dress w/ Belt: JCPenney / Sandals: Target / Necklace: Jane

Koen wanted to be in ALL of the pictures...  Silly guy!

The dress came with a cognac belt, so it was a no-brainer to throw on my cognac sandals.  And I had to add the pendant necklace to take things up a notch!

AND NOW.......  FALL!

This is how I was planning to wear my lace dress to church yesterday.  Unfortunately, my little girl was a bit under the weather this weekend, so we stayed home.  But I got dressed and took pictures anyway!

Dress: JCPenney / Leggings: Charlotte Russe / Sweater: Target / Belt: H&M / Boots: Old Navy / Scarf: GroopDealz

I really can't take any of the credit for this outfit.  I totally copied this pin, to the best of my ability!  And I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!  Maybe I'll wear it next Sunday!

Did you notice my NEW BOOTS?!  I had a coupon and $50 in rewards from GAP/Old Navy, so I took a chance and ordered these boots and this awesome cognac tote, and threw in this striped tee to get me up to $50.  I filled three holes in my closet for $4.21 out of my pocket!  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Color Blocking Shorty

Okay, okay, I know it's about time I stop posting summer outfits, but I just have a few more!  I'll be joining the rest of you in fall soon!

Another outfit with my *fun sandals!*

Tank: Old Navy / Shorts: Old Navy / Sandals: H&M

Haha!  Funny thing, I was looking at this outfit, and thought, "Wait, am I color blocking??"  So of course, I googled it.  And the first link I clicked on said that color blocking is not for the "short of stature."  And to them I say, "I do what I want!"  I am totally color blocking, and I love it!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Bunny Shirt

Waaaayyy back in the beginning of August, the hubs and I went on a date.  It was a gorgeous Saturday, so we decided to be tourists in our own town and toodle around Main Street.  We got deeeelicious gyros at a the corner deli, and ate them down by the lake, then took our time popping in and out of all the cute little shops.  It was so fun, and also strange, to see how things have changed since I was a kid.  We had a great time!  And, this is what I wore.  :)

Top: Forever 21 / Shorts: Old Navy / Sandals: H&M

This shirt is lovingly known around here as "the bunny shirt."  I found it at Forever 21 back in July on our girls weekend with my Mom, sister and niece.  I saw it on one rack, and thought about trying it on, but decided it was just too out there for me.  But after browsing around for a while longer, I found it again on another rack and decided, what the heck, it couldn't hurt to try it on!  And once I did, I loved it!  It's cute and quirky, just like me!  :-D

I got these sandals that weekend, too!  They were too fun to pass up, and only 7 bucks!  Thank you H&M!

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