Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun Busy

Sorry I've been MIA!  Just living life over here!

The weekend before last I got to escape to the cities with my Mom, sister and niece for a girls weekend, celebrating my Mom's 60th birthday!  We drove up Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day at the Mall of America.  And let me tell you, we shopped till we dropped!  I don't even remember all the stores we hit that day.  It was my first time shopping at H & M, that I remember, and only my second or third time at Forever 21.  And I went nuts!  It was so much fun!  I'll have to gather up what I got to show you my haul!

Sunday was dedicated to the best store on earth, IKEA!  I could spend days in there and be happy as a clam.  My sister had never been, can you believe it?!  We ate some meatballs and then proceeded to fill up two regular carts and a flat cart.  We did good.

Then on Tuesday, I loaded the kids up to head to Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, to meet up with a few friends from college for a day of fun.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a blast!

And moving on to this past weekend, we had a big ole birthday party for our three kiddos.  Lena just turned 5, Eli will be 7 next month, and since Koen is a December baby, we decided to celebrate his half birthday!  It was another beautiful day and we were so blessed to get to celebrate life with so many friends and family members!

 Each of these events really could use a whole post of their own, so we'll see if I ever get around to that!  This week is pretty full, too, but I hope to do more blogging if I have a few spare minutes!  I miss it!


  1. I can't believe the IKEA trip - and for first timers! I love that place. When I went last week to buy all my furniture, I had 2 huge furniture carts and a regular cart. It was embarrassing! and of course I had some meatballs :)

  2. happy birthday to your mom! and i love ikea!

  3. Holy cow, lady! Although I've also never been to an IKEA (I've lived too near a Nebraska Furniture Mart for most of my life). Sounds like fun times!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your new clothing pieces! Girl, please join GCOGH! But I understand other things are more important, too!


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