Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, I thought I'd give an update on Lena's injury by posting a picture of her, which also includes her adorable pony top!  :)

Cute, cute, cute!

She fell on Tuesday, her nose looked MUCH worse on Wednesday, and looks better today.  Thank God for a speedy healing process!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the first fat lip of the year goes to....


My poor baby girl fell on the sidewalk this evening.  We were all out enjoying the beautiful weather!  Daddy was taking down Christmas lights and Mommy and the kids were picking up sticks in the yard.  Lena was so excited to help out!  The only problem was that since her hands were full of sticks, she didn't catch herself when she tripped.  Instead she landed flat on her face!  She scraped up her cute little nose, cut the inside of her lip on her teeth, and somehow pinched her lip, which resulted in a blood blister.  Ouch!  Mommy cleaned her up and she rebounded quickly.  We were back outside picking up sticks in no time!

Here's another view of her owies.  Hopefully her lip won't stay puffy for too long!  But hey, check out those eyelashes!  :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little About Lena

I took Miss Lena in to get weighed on Monday.  Great news!  At six days before turning 21 months, she is up to 19 lbs 14 oz!  She gained 10 ounces in the last month.  She's still nowhere near the charts, but she's finally putting on a little more weight.  No surprise, that girl can eat!  When she's hungry, she is HUNGRY!  We're not sure how she packs it all in her teeny tiny body, but she makes it happen.  Typically she does also have just about as much food in her hair, on her clothes, on the floor surrounding her chair and painted on the table as she consumes.  Let's just say, Lena loves food!

Speaking of Lena's hair, it is growing, growing, growing!  And it's so beautiful!  I wanted it to stay a dark brunette, but it's gotten super light, and I love it!  She's still sporting a bit of a mullet, but I refuse to cut it.  The front will eventually catch up with the back.  I will not cut bangs!  So for now, we just pop a ponytail on top and call her ADORABLE!  :) 

(For some reason, I can't seem to get a picture of Lena with her pony top to upload, so just imagine how unbelievably cute she looks...)

She is also a little talking machine!  She definitely talks more than Eli did at this age.  She will copy just about anything you say, so she is constantly learning new words.  At 18 months I wrote down every word I heard her say, which was 50+, so I have no idea how many words she can say now!  Some of my favorites include "teetoo" (thank you), "pop...weasel", "Mommy" and "Daddy" (of course), Bubba (our nickname for her brother), "EeeeeIiiii" (Eli!), "ummy ummy" (yummy yummy), "ucky" (yucky), and her own name, which sounds more like LehNuh or NahNuh, but we know what she means.  :)  She also loves to sing, jibber jabbering and randomly throwing out words she knows.  She's my star and I'm her biggest fan!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Conversation With My Boy

I have decided to take this opportunity, while my noisemakers are miraculously playing by themselves in their rooms, to share a sweet little conversation that I had with Eli this afternoon while snuggling together on the couch.  It went like this:

Me:  Did you know that you're a miracle?
Eli:  Yeah
Me:  Did you know that you're awesome?
Eli:  Yeah
Me:  And cool?
Eli:  Yeah
Me:  And smart?
Eli:  Yeah
Me:  And....
Eli:  Naughty!

At least he's honest!  :-)  And he sure does make me giggle!