Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I recently started using Bloglovin' to follow a lot of the blogs I read regularly.  I am liking it a lot so far, especially because there is an app for my iPhone!  So I guess I've decided to use it for my own blog, too.  Follow me!  ;-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

On This Day...

Five years ago, on this day, I was being blessed beyond measure.  I was surrounded by friends and family at a baby shower that my sweet friend Aimee hosted for me and my little girl.

This is what I looked like:

 Whoa, mama.  I was only 29 weeks!

Two years ago, on this day, we finally had a SOLD sign in our front yard!  We were officially moving on to bigger and better!

And it was a good thing, because...

Two years ago, on this day, we saw two lines!  We were expecting this guy:

We were definitely going to need a bigger house!

Today was spent at home with my hubby and kids.  My sister, niece and nephews were here for part of the day.  My step-dad came over for supper.  We didn't do anything special or exciting, but it made my heart happy to be with so many people that I love.  Family.  On this day, I am so thankful for family.  <3

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our House - Two Years

April 16, 2011:

Oh, what a happy day!  I can't believe it's been two years already!

This is what our house looked like at the time:

This house was and is a dream come true!  The building process was so exciting!  Here are a few pictures from those first couple weeks.

March 31, 2011, accepted purchase agreement:

April 8, 2011, framing up the foundation:

April 11, 2011, foundation:

These can be considered our official house "before" pictures.  :)  I had wanted to blog the whole building process as it happened, but life was so crazy at the time, trying to pack up our old house and get ready to move, that I just couldn't do it.  It's kinda fun to look back on now.  So glad I was that crazy lady that drove by taking pictures every other day! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a very nice, simple Easter weekend.  We colored Easter eggs at home on Saturday.  Sunday morning, I had to be to church early to get communion ready and practice a group dance I was performing in during our church service.  Hubby got the kids ready and brought them in time for the service.  Our dance went really well, and the rest of the service was great.  Then we traveled about an hour away to go have dinner at Joe's cousin's house with his Mom's side of the family.  After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves full of ham and all sorts of other deliciousness, we came back home to relax and digest for the evening. :)  Oh, and hunt for Easter eggs.  I had just put together one Easter basket for the kids to find in the morning, with a few bags of candy  for all of us to share and an insulated cup with a straw for each of them.  I just wanted a little something special to celebrate the day, without going overboard.  I hadn't hidden eggs, because I didn't think we'd have time in the morning, so we did it in the evening.

The only pictures I managed to get the whole weekend were of the big kids coloring eggs.  So here they are.  :)

Lena's artsy eggs  :)

Eli's festive eggs  :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Koen - 15 months

My sweet Koen James, you are 15 months old.  More like 15 1/2 months now.  I actually wrote most of this post a few weeks ago, and planned to post it when you had your 15 month appointment on the 18th, but it got postponed until today, because I was REALLY sick that week.  So here are your stats and some fun tidbits of info about you, my baby. 

19 pounds 14 ounces (10th percentile)
29 inches (5th percentile)

You have thirteen teeth, and are currently working on at least one more. You still don't have enough hair to need a haircut.

You've been walking since 10 months, so you're a pro by now. You're quite speedy, and you like to walk backwards and spin in circles. You try to jump, but can't get your feet off the ground. And when you hear a beat, you can't help but dance!

You're still not much of a talker. You say “mahm” (more) whenever you want something to eat or drink. And you just learned how to say “uh-oh!” Even though you don't say much, you know how to get your point across. You'll turn, push or pull someone where you want them, point at what you want, or just go get it yourself!

Which brings me to my next point, you are into everything! You would much rather spend your day emptying the kitchen cupboards than playing with toys. Unless... you find yourself a stick or a ball! You will toss, hit, and chase a ball around for a long time! 

You love cereal, crackers, and bread. You're not a big fan of fruit or vegetables, but we can sometimes get you to eat apples or peas. You do like mashed potatoes. You always want your milk chocolate, and don't eat much other dairy. Meat's not your favorite either. We just keep trying. :)

We are trying to get you to sleep in your crib in your room full time, but you usually wake up at night and end up in the pack n play in the office or in our bed. Some days you take two short naps, some days just one longer nap. You start crying as soon as you wake up... you always want to be close to Mommy.

You love to snuggle and hug, but you're stingy with your kisses. You're more likely to offer one up to Daddy than anyone else. 

You're goofy, too. You take your shoes off as soon as we put them on. And more often than not, you take off one sock, but leave the other. You have a pretty cute growl, and you have you own “woof” and “moo” sounds.

 You love to be tickled, and you have the BEST laugh!

I thank God for you every day.  I'm gonna keep you forever.  I love you, Little.