Thursday, February 14, 2013

1998 to Present

We met.
It was love at first sight... for him.
I was... not interested.
We became great friends.
I would “never like him like that.”
He waited.
I dated.
He gave up.
I got my heart broken.
He was my shoulder to cry on.
I fell in love with him.
I asked him out!
He said “yes.”
He asked me to marry him.
I said “yes!”
We said “I do.”
We had three babies.
To be continued... 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

10 Reasons This Is Going To Be A Great Week

1.  Healthy kids!  The last couple weeks were pretty rough, but everyone is feeling better, praise the Lord!

2.  We're expecting a heat wave!  Highs in the 30's, can you even imagine?!  LOL!  The weather has been insane here lately.  Highs in the 40's, followed by 20's and rain, then ZERO degrees with high winds.  Is it spring yet??

3.  Thanks to numbers 1 & 2, we will be able to leave the house, maybe even every day!  Woot!

4.  I'm getting my hair cut tonight!  Since I have a short hairstyle, I have to get my hair cut more often than I used to... which was like once year!  It's been 13 weeks since my last cut, and I'm WAY ready.  Speaking of my hair, I get lots of comments from beautiful ladies with long hair about how they wish they could pull off a short cut like mine.  Well, I wish I could have gorgeous long hair like you!  So flowy and feminine!  But I've learned to embrace that my hair just doesn't look good long, but doesn't look too bad short.  So short hair for me it is!

5.  Not one, but TWO episodes of The Bachelor!  Yes, my guilty pleasure!  It's like people watching for me, but from the comfort of my couch.  :)  And hubby watches with me, so we have fun talking about how crazy those ladies can be! 

6.    ZUMBA!  My good friend Jenni teaches Zumba, and I recently started going to her classes.  It's so much fun, and I love a good sweat.  I'm definitely not the most coordinated dancer, but I have a good time making up my own moves and laughing at myself.  :-D

7.  My kids' Kindermusik class starts back up.  Not only is it a great class for them, but I get half an hour of one on one time with the bambino.

8.  I have a dinner date at my favorite Mexican restaurant with a dear friend, who also turned thirty last Thursday.  We were supposed to go out last Wednesday, but had to postpone.  Looking forward to hugging her neck.

9.  We are having some friends over for a play date on Friday.  I love having people over, but struggle with feeling like I can't get the house in good enough shape, so it doesn't happen often...  But I miss people.  So I'm going to make it a point to do what I can to keep things in order around here, not worry about the mess that I just can't get to, and have friends over more often!

10.  All those little moments that are going to make me smile...  watching the big kids play together, and loving on their baby brother...  seeing things 'click' during school time...  all the funny things my little ones say...  I could go on an on...

Have a blessed week!  Focus on the good that is all around you!