Monday, January 31, 2011

Responsibilities & Positive Reinforcement

We started something new today.  I decided it was PAST time to make Eli aware that he is capable and responsible for doing some things.  Plus, there are a few areas where we are really struggling that I am hoping some positive reinforcement will have some effect.  SO, we started "Eli's Responsibility Chart" today.

We are starting out small with only three (sort of four) tasks:  getting himself dressed in the morning, brushing his teeth (AM & PM), and staying dry all day.  Over time, we will add more responsibilities and probably switch some out with others.  For each task he completes, he will get to add a sticker to the chart.   

My plan is to chart from Saturday to Friday each week, but since we started today our first chart is only 5 days.  Now the reason our charting week ends on Friday is because the plan is to also teach some money management.  You see, on Saturday, after he has completed his chart, we will review how he did with his tasks that week.  For every sticker on the chart he will receive a nickel.  I'm still searching for some sort of container(s) for his money, but hopefully I will find something that I can use to divide his money into three categories:  God, save, spend.  For every ten nickels he earns, one will go to God (or more if he so chooses), one will be saved (or more), and the rest he can spend on whatever his little four year old heart desires!

 p.s.  I totally stole this idea from a friend, who stole it from someone else... :-)

Movin' On (Hopefully!)

Part of what I'm going to write about here is the process (which has already taken quite a bit longer than we had hoped or expected) of selling our current home.  So, a quick history for those who may not know...

We decided in the fall of 2009 that it was finally time to take steps toward moving our family into a bit larger home in the next town over.  We did a few things to get the house ready and put it on the market in January of 2010.  Now here we are, a year later, still waiting.  Our contract with our original Realtor expired a couple weeks ago, and since then the house and I have been enjoying a little breather. 

But today, I'm cleaning...  for our appointment this afternoon with a possible new Realtor!  I've really enjoyed my little break, but I'm ready to get this ball rolling again.  I'll be back later to update on how it went!

p.s.  The photo above is old.  The house doesn't look too much different now, but we did replace both of the storm doors (they're both brown now).  We also replaced the outdoor light and mailbox with new, black ones, and painted the house numbers black to match.  And while we weren't buried under several feet of snow, I also made sure to pull the weeds, so the sidewalk didn't look like a jungle!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why "Pretty & Mine"?

Pretty & Mine...

It's catchier than "Decorating for Me."  Or should that read "Decorating for Myself"...?  But that's really what this is about.  I like decorating, making things pretty.  I like making things unique, doing things my own way, even if it's not the current trend.  I choose items and colors for my home because I like them, not because they're "in."  I don't want to have a cookie cutter home.  I want to express myself.  And I make the effort to have a beautiful home not because I care what anyone else thinks (okay, I sorta do), but because I enjoy it.  My home is an extension of myself.  It's mine

Hopefully soon this one will be another someone's, and I will have a new home to make mine all mine!  :-)

{In all seriousness, I know that all that I have is the Lord's, and I am so grateful for all that he has entrusted to me.  Thank you, Lord, for your provision!}

Only Three Weeks Late...

I finally bought my 2011 wall calendar!  I ordered one from Amazon, and I can't wait for it to arrive!  Hopefully before February!   Unfortunately we won't be able to enjoy the January picture for more than a few days...  Oops! 

I've been going nuts without a new calendar on the wall.  I think this is the first time that I have not had one before the new year began.  I usually buy one for myself get one for Christmas, or buy one when they are on clearance after Christmas.  But this year, I honestly didn't even go look for one until January was here, and I couldn't seem to find one that fit my qualifications.  I'm picky.  NO, the free one from the bank absolutely will NOT do!  Choosing a calendar is serious business for me.  My calendar is another piece of art on the wall, so that is exactly what I look for.  No puppies, kittens, or other adorable furry creatures.  I love modern art and I LOVE color!  Over the years my calendars have featured Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O'Keeffe.  Twenty-ten introduced me to the artist Charley Harper, and he will be returning for twenty-eleven!  I am so excited! 

Sooo, what do you look for in a calendar?  Your favorite TV show or movie?  Beautiful landscapes?  Whatever the bank is giving away?  Don't be ashamed if you're a puppy person...  they really are CUTE!  :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My first issue of my new subscription of House Beautiful came in the mail today!  Merry Christmas to meee!  (A big THANK YOU to my wonderful hubby, who knew I wanted some sort of decorating mag, but didn't know which one.  He got it right!)  :-)  You see, I've been a little obsessed with interior decorating lately.  It's always been an interest, but with our house on the market, I've been dreaming of all the beautiful things I'll be able to do in a NEW home!  I have all sorts of ideas, but nowhere to put them.  So today, I'm going to grab hold of my excitement and be inspired!  I hope to use this blog to collect my thoughts, share my projects, and maybe even connect with others who like to make things "Pretty & Mine."

p.s.  I'm not known for being the best at blogging...  I just don't make myself DO IT!  I'm really hoping this time I can stick with it!

p.p.s.  Okay, to be perfectly honest, a huge part of why I haven't done well with my previous blogs is because I am a perfectionist, and I am super self-conscious.  I don't want to write anything unless it's super awesome!  So yeah, I'm going to try to just write this blog for ME, and not worry about what anyone else may think.  With that said, I have done nothing so far but simply create this blog and write this post.  Usually I would want to make sure that I had a cute background and header, blah blah blah, but I don't have time for that tonight.  And I don't want to lose my motivation and not get started...  One step at a time...  :)