Monday, January 31, 2011

Responsibilities & Positive Reinforcement

We started something new today.  I decided it was PAST time to make Eli aware that he is capable and responsible for doing some things.  Plus, there are a few areas where we are really struggling that I am hoping some positive reinforcement will have some effect.  SO, we started "Eli's Responsibility Chart" today.

We are starting out small with only three (sort of four) tasks:  getting himself dressed in the morning, brushing his teeth (AM & PM), and staying dry all day.  Over time, we will add more responsibilities and probably switch some out with others.  For each task he completes, he will get to add a sticker to the chart.   

My plan is to chart from Saturday to Friday each week, but since we started today our first chart is only 5 days.  Now the reason our charting week ends on Friday is because the plan is to also teach some money management.  You see, on Saturday, after he has completed his chart, we will review how he did with his tasks that week.  For every sticker on the chart he will receive a nickel.  I'm still searching for some sort of container(s) for his money, but hopefully I will find something that I can use to divide his money into three categories:  God, save, spend.  For every ten nickels he earns, one will go to God (or more if he so chooses), one will be saved (or more), and the rest he can spend on whatever his little four year old heart desires!

 p.s.  I totally stole this idea from a friend, who stole it from someone else... :-)


  1. Crown has a save/spend/give bank.

  2. It's on Amazon for less.

  3. We just bought three plastic glasses at Target and labeled them with the label maker.

  4. That's great! Small canning jars would work well! - Amanda Krumwiede


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