Monday, January 31, 2011

Movin' On (Hopefully!)

Part of what I'm going to write about here is the process (which has already taken quite a bit longer than we had hoped or expected) of selling our current home.  So, a quick history for those who may not know...

We decided in the fall of 2009 that it was finally time to take steps toward moving our family into a bit larger home in the next town over.  We did a few things to get the house ready and put it on the market in January of 2010.  Now here we are, a year later, still waiting.  Our contract with our original Realtor expired a couple weeks ago, and since then the house and I have been enjoying a little breather. 

But today, I'm cleaning...  for our appointment this afternoon with a possible new Realtor!  I've really enjoyed my little break, but I'm ready to get this ball rolling again.  I'll be back later to update on how it went!

p.s.  The photo above is old.  The house doesn't look too much different now, but we did replace both of the storm doors (they're both brown now).  We also replaced the outdoor light and mailbox with new, black ones, and painted the house numbers black to match.  And while we weren't buried under several feet of snow, I also made sure to pull the weeds, so the sidewalk didn't look like a jungle!

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