Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why "Pretty & Mine"?

Pretty & Mine...

It's catchier than "Decorating for Me."  Or should that read "Decorating for Myself"...?  But that's really what this is about.  I like decorating, making things pretty.  I like making things unique, doing things my own way, even if it's not the current trend.  I choose items and colors for my home because I like them, not because they're "in."  I don't want to have a cookie cutter home.  I want to express myself.  And I make the effort to have a beautiful home not because I care what anyone else thinks (okay, I sorta do), but because I enjoy it.  My home is an extension of myself.  It's mine

Hopefully soon this one will be another someone's, and I will have a new home to make mine all mine!  :-)

{In all seriousness, I know that all that I have is the Lord's, and I am so grateful for all that he has entrusted to me.  Thank you, Lord, for your provision!}

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