Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a very nice, simple Easter weekend.  We colored Easter eggs at home on Saturday.  Sunday morning, I had to be to church early to get communion ready and practice a group dance I was performing in during our church service.  Hubby got the kids ready and brought them in time for the service.  Our dance went really well, and the rest of the service was great.  Then we traveled about an hour away to go have dinner at Joe's cousin's house with his Mom's side of the family.  After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves full of ham and all sorts of other deliciousness, we came back home to relax and digest for the evening. :)  Oh, and hunt for Easter eggs.  I had just put together one Easter basket for the kids to find in the morning, with a few bags of candy  for all of us to share and an insulated cup with a straw for each of them.  I just wanted a little something special to celebrate the day, without going overboard.  I hadn't hidden eggs, because I didn't think we'd have time in the morning, so we did it in the evening.

The only pictures I managed to get the whole weekend were of the big kids coloring eggs.  So here they are.  :)

Lena's artsy eggs  :)

Eli's festive eggs  :)

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