Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Koen - 15 months

My sweet Koen James, you are 15 months old.  More like 15 1/2 months now.  I actually wrote most of this post a few weeks ago, and planned to post it when you had your 15 month appointment on the 18th, but it got postponed until today, because I was REALLY sick that week.  So here are your stats and some fun tidbits of info about you, my baby. 

19 pounds 14 ounces (10th percentile)
29 inches (5th percentile)

You have thirteen teeth, and are currently working on at least one more. You still don't have enough hair to need a haircut.

You've been walking since 10 months, so you're a pro by now. You're quite speedy, and you like to walk backwards and spin in circles. You try to jump, but can't get your feet off the ground. And when you hear a beat, you can't help but dance!

You're still not much of a talker. You say “mahm” (more) whenever you want something to eat or drink. And you just learned how to say “uh-oh!” Even though you don't say much, you know how to get your point across. You'll turn, push or pull someone where you want them, point at what you want, or just go get it yourself!

Which brings me to my next point, you are into everything! You would much rather spend your day emptying the kitchen cupboards than playing with toys. Unless... you find yourself a stick or a ball! You will toss, hit, and chase a ball around for a long time! 

You love cereal, crackers, and bread. You're not a big fan of fruit or vegetables, but we can sometimes get you to eat apples or peas. You do like mashed potatoes. You always want your milk chocolate, and don't eat much other dairy. Meat's not your favorite either. We just keep trying. :)

We are trying to get you to sleep in your crib in your room full time, but you usually wake up at night and end up in the pack n play in the office or in our bed. Some days you take two short naps, some days just one longer nap. You start crying as soon as you wake up... you always want to be close to Mommy.

You love to snuggle and hug, but you're stingy with your kisses. You're more likely to offer one up to Daddy than anyone else. 

You're goofy, too. You take your shoes off as soon as we put them on. And more often than not, you take off one sock, but leave the other. You have a pretty cute growl, and you have you own “woof” and “moo” sounds.

 You love to be tickled, and you have the BEST laugh!

I thank God for you every day.  I'm gonna keep you forever.  I love you, Little.

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  1. he is so cute! i can't believe he's walked since 10 months - lots of chasing for you then right? :) and i practically have the same favorite foods as him!!


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