Thursday, July 18, 2013

7x7 Remix (Take TWO!)

I had so much fun participating in the 7x7 Remix challenge last time, that I decided to do another one this month!  This time, I'm linking up over at Ma Nouvelle Mode!

I actually only ended up selecting and using 6 pieces, plus all of my shoes and accessories.  I just couldn't decide on a 7th piece that I really wanted to use, and I didn't really need it!  So here are my six pieces!

Navy Tee:  JCPenney
Striped Tee:  Old Navy
Purple Tank: Old Navy
White Shorts: Old Navy
Palm Print Shorts: Old Navy
Skinnies:  Old Navy

Oh My!  I didn't realize until now that all but one of my pieces is from Old Navy.  I swear I shop at other stores!

And now, my outfits, in no particular order!

Outfit #1:

Flip Flops: Old Navy

Super casual outfit.  You'll see these flip flops in a bunch of pictures...  I really wish I had a pair of navy TOMS!  I think this challenge helped me figure out what to buy next!  ;-)

Outfit #2:

Necklace: GroopDealz
Sandals: Old Navy

A little dressier...  :-)  (Sorry about the blurry photo...)

Outfit #3:

Flip Flops: Old Navy

Perfect for the ninety degree weather we've had all week!

Outfit #4:

Shoes: TOMS

Still absolutely in LOVE with my new TOMS!!

Outfit #5:

Scarf: Very Jane

It may be hot outside, but it sure can be cold inside!  A scarf is a nice addition to a summer outfit for those times when you step inside and someone's gone a little overboard with the air conditioning!

Outfit #6:

Flip Flops:  Old Navy

Trying out some pattern mixing again!  I like it!  Really wish I had those navy TOMS, though!  OMG, look at what I just found!!!  I think I might need these!

Outfit #7:

Scarf:  GroopDealz
Flats: Target

This outfit makes me ready for fall!

And a couple extra outfits, for good measure!

Outfit #8:

Shoes: TOMS 

I never would have put this outfit together without this challenge, but I think I like it!  (And again, sorry for the blurry photo...  Grr.)

Outfit #9:

Shoes: TOMS

Okay, this outfit is the same as #5, but without the scarf, and I changed my shoes.  Just had to include another picture of my awesome TOMS!

*If you want to read more about how much I love TOMS, check out this post.  And click here to save $20 off a pair for yourself!*

 This was so much fun!  I love seeing how buying the right pieces can give you so many choices for outfits!  And accessories give you even more variety!

Also linking up for WIWW! (Even though I'm a day late!)  And What We Wore.


  1. I've never seen such consistent poses. The outfits are cute and you look really fit. I love the shorts from outfits #3 and #6. ::::D---

    1. Haha! Thanks! Yeah... I took these photos super quick, while trying to keep my kids occupied and out of the shots! One photo per outfit and that was it! I figured keep the pose consistent, so the focus can be on the clothes! :)

  2. These outfits are so cute! I love that you chose to do more than the 7 you were supposed to. :-)

  3. Very cute outfits! I have a navy crochet pair of Toms and I love how versatile they are... Pretty much go with everything or at least I think they do because I wear them with everything.

  4. Hi Autumn, I saw your post on Caitlin's remix hash tag with the same Old Navy striped shirt I just bought and used for my stripes remix and I hope you don't mind if I follow you on IG. I'm doing a clothing fast and I'm also a wife, mom of two lil ones, and a teacher on top of all that. I love Jesus too and I agree, God is so good. Your blog is so cute! Can't wait to see more of your remixing outfits with your new tripod!


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