Monday, March 11, 2013

Office Rearranged

I'm sure you have all (my thousands of readers) been anxiously awaiting an update on our office, ever since this post way back in January.  I wish I had a post for you full of gorgeous, magazine worthy reveal photos, showing a beautifully decorated office, full of DIY projects and smart organization...  Maybe someday.  But the truth is, we spent a good part of a Saturday tidying up and rearranging, and another Saturday sorting through papers from our file cabinet and shredding most of it.  And then moved on to other things!  If IKEA weren't two hours away, I may have more to show, as I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head, but would need a trip to the land of Swedish meatballs to make them happen.  I'm also hoping to paint, but haven't settled on the color yet.  And if we're being completely honest, it most definitely doesn't look this way any more...  The pack n play got set back up, and the desk is a disaster, but it's better than before.  :)

So here's what we did, with before pictures on the left and after on the right....

We basically flipped the room completely around, the desk went to the opposite corner and the dresser went to the opposite wall.

We removed that old swivel rocker.  I hate that hideous thing, but it works great for rocking babies in the middle of the night!

We also removed that cheap bookshelf.  It is currently functioning as a nightstand in our bedroom, until we find something else.

Some of that junk pile got moved out to the garage, the rest is in a pile in the opposite corner!

 We took the pack n play down for a while, but since the little guy hasn't been sleeping the best, and he shares a room with his big brother, a lot of nights he ends up in the office at some point.

So, not the most thrilling post, but it is progress.  I have been using the office a lot more, and it feels so good to have my files in order again!  I'm hoping to add another desk or work area of some kind, as well as more storage, shelving, art...  Stay tuned!

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  1. rearranging and organizing is such a good feeling when you are done! but the starting is the hard part! i have many things i need to organize!


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