Monday, March 4, 2013

Pretty Planner

I am on a quest for organization.  And I realized that there is one thing that could be considered central to organizing my life that I have been neglecting.  Using my planner.  A couple years ago, I started using a small 3-ring binder as a planner, with different tabs for different categories.  It was one place that I could jot down anything and everything.  I actually used it a lot, until the front cover fell off...  Eventually I bought a new, sturdier binder, shoved everything inside, and it's only been minimally used ever since.  And it needed a makeover!

I decided to start out with a little update to the exterior.  Maybe if it's cute, I'll use it more?!  :)  

So I gathered a few supplies:  scrapbook paper, stickers, and a paper cutter.

The process was pretty simple...  measure the areas where I would be inserting the paper, cut the chosen papers to size, add stickers, insert the prettiness into the appropriate places.  Tada!

I wiped it down, too.  Not sure what the nastiness was that was splattered all over it...  :-S  She sure is pretty now, though, huh?

How about a couple detail shots... taken with my new camera that I barely know how to use.

The Before & After:

 A little bit of pretty can make a big difference.  :)  I love my "new" planner.  Now I need to overhaul the inside...

p.s.  My binder is this one from Staples.  There are a variety of colors available in store.

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