Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mount & Float

Hey there!  I haven't been blogging much, because I'm contemplating making some changes, and I'm not sure how I'll be moving forward...  but I wanted to share this little update we did in the living room this weekend.  Nothing huge, but a step towards making things feel more finished around here.  So this is where we started...

Wow, that TV is dirty!

I always felt like our black TV on our black TV stand, just looked like a big black blob.  And I didn't like it.  So first things first, mount the TV on the wall!  This breaks up the black some, since the wall color shows in between.  And without the TV sitting on the stand, it's now an open area for me to add pretties to.  And bonus, it gets the TV farther away from all the little hands around here!  

TV break for the kiddos!

I have also gone back and forth and up and down on what to do on the wall behind and above the TV.  The clock that's there was just thrown up there one day when I got sick of not knowing what time it was when I was in the living room!  My original idea was to put a larger round clock up there, but I wasn't completely set on it.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I had the idea to put up a shelf first, or if I got the idea from this image I found on Pinterest...

Sorry, I don't know the original source.

Either way, I was (p)inspired!  :-)  I actually bought this floating shelf from IKEA when we were up in the cities celebrating our anniversary 7 weeks ago!  The poor thing has been hiding away in the closet, waiting for us to get around to mounting the TV, so we would know where to hang the shelf!

All done!  And clean!

Now I need to decide what, if anything, I will be doing to the wall, and how I want to decorate the shelf.  Or maybe I want to add one or two more shelves, like the inspiration photo...?  Knowing me, it will probably look just like this for a few more months...     


  1. Looks awesome. get a family wall sticker and lean kids pics in black frames? really looks awesome!!!

  2. It really does make a big difference, even undecorated still! I'm such a putter-offer of things like that, props to you for even getting the shelf up!! :) (Loved your comment on my blog today... and look at us, we even have matchy backgrounds ;)


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