Thursday, January 10, 2013

Something I Used To Be...

Over at These Moments, I've shared a couple of my goals for 2013.  (Am I the only one that still feels weird saying "twenty thirteen??")  I definitely have more personal goals to share, but I also have some house related goals for the year.  You see, I used to be a super organized person.  At our first house, everything had it's place.  I could put things away without a thought.  At this house, I have done very little organizing and I'm constantly wondering where in the world things go!  Which, unfortunately, results in stuff being dumped here, there, and everywhere!  And it's DRIVING ME NUTS!

Check out this bird's eye view of how my kitchen island looks as I type this...

Now picture me, hanging my head in shame...  I mean, seriously, no wonder I don't enjoy cooking these days, I can't find my kitchen counter!

SO, it's time!  Time to regain control of the clutter!  Time to tell all that stuff where to go!  (I mean that in the nicest way!)  Time!  To!  Organize!  *Cue the applause!*

2013 Home Goal #1:  Organize one room/space each month.

That's the official goal.  Sure, I'd love to organize the whole house this month.  But let's be realistic.  I have three young children.  We are all home, all the time.  And this is the sort of thing that gets worse before it gets better.  BUT, maybe if I start organizing other areas of the house, all that junk on my kitchen island will actually have a home!  Yay!

The plan is to start with what we'll call the "home office."  And get this happy coincidence:  Jen, over at IHeart Organizing, the BEST organizer around, has presented the blogosphere with a monthly organizing challenge! AND, January's challenge is to conquer the home office!  And boy do we need to!  Over the last 16 months, this room has served as the hubby's full time work office (his business now has an office, so he's no longer at home), his dressing room (his clothes live in the office closet and his dresser, which hangs out in there), the baby's sleeping area, and a dumping station...  I would love to turn the room into our home office/my craft room.  I'm not sure yet how I'm going to accomplish that, so stay tuned!  And with that, I'll leave you with some super embarrassing BEFORE pictures...

The view looking straight in the door
Turning to the left
Keep turning....
And all the way
A better view of the desk area

A better view of the junk corner...  Yikes!

SO, who's with me?!  Are you going to start with your home office?  Or some other area?  Or is your home perfectly organized already?


  1. Ever since I moved half of our office stuff down stairs (a few years ago). The computer desk has been a crazy mess. I would love to get this organized. But I have no idea where to put everything until I know where our computer desk is going to go! So for now- I will work to keep the extra clutter off the desk. And by extra clutter I mean, random note books, candy wrappers, thank you cards I never wrote, etc.

  2. Your office looked like my living room looked earlier today. I finally cleaned it up! Although all the Christmas decorations are piled under the Christmas tree that still needs to be put away. :-) My bedroom, well, that's not looking so good! I try to clean it but it never fully happens so then it always goes right back to how it was pretty quickly. I'm just thankful that in the past week I have cleaned up my living room, the kids bedroom, and the learning room. Things are starting to feel much more calming to me in my home now.

    Now if I could only permanently fix my bedroom!


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