Sunday, June 9, 2013


We spent last Saturday morning planting our garden.  It feels so good to have that done, and I can't wait to reap what we have sown!  After lunch I took a shower and got dressed, intending to go grocery shopping later in the afternoon.  Between this, that and the other thing, I never ended up making it to the store.  In fact, I never even got around to doing my hair and makeup!  I wanted to document my outfit, but since I didn't get my face put on, this is what you get...  Ha!

Jacket: Hand-me-down /  Tee: Target / Skinnies: Old Navy / Sandals: Target

Looking at these pictures, I'm not a fan...  Oh well, like I said, I never made it out in public that day anyways! 

BUT, I do have to share, the t-shirt I'm wearing I just got on clearance for something like $6 I think.  And the sandals were 50% off, which is pretty sweet, since they are actually a current online-only item.  They must have been a return and just so happened to be in my size!  Yay Target!

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