Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday #1

Sorry this post is so late in the day.  It's been...  one of those days.  I need this post more than you know.

So, here we are.  Thursday.  And that means we get to share what we've been thanking God for in the past week.  Here is what I noted as I went about my days.

November 1:
  • Kids doing their morning sheet on their own.  Right outside the kids bedrooms there is a sheet on the wall with their "good morning" tasks.  Wake up, go potty, get dressed, make bed, brush teeth.  Let's just say it's been forever a while since we've actually been following any this routine.  That morning, my two older kids came upstairs all ready for breakfast.  They had picked out their own clothes and helped each other make their beds!  It was a super encouraging start to my day!
  • Hand me downs.  I just love seeing my little guy running around in the clothes his big brother wore five years ago!  We've had to fill in a few gaps here and there, due to size and season differences, but for the most part, we haven't had to re-buy clothes for little brother.  I get to be sentimental and save money at the same time!
  • Baby belly buttons.  Yep, I'm strange and I thank God for belly buttons!   I've always been weirded out by belly buttons, but I love those little things on my kid's bellies.  They remind me of those precious months carrying them in my belly, when we were physically connected.  Miraculous.
  • And on a related note, Miracle babies.  We were honored that evening to celebrate the birthdays of  one of my best friend's daughters.  These girls are both miracles in their own ways.  Their family is so beautiful.
November 2:
  • Kids that know how to sleep in!  We were up late, and hubby went hunting that morning, so it was SO nice that the kids were able to sleep in, therefore so was I!  I know a lot of kids get up at the crack of dawn even when they've stayed up past their bedtime...
  • Generous friends.  We came home from the party Friday night with a bunch of leftover food, so lunch was taken care of!  :)
  • Affectionate children.  My kids know how to show love.  They love hugs and kisses and cuddles.  Me too!
November 3:
  • That I get to have multiple kids and see them enjoy friendship with each other.  I am SOOOO blessed to get to have my three children!  After years of infertility, we were so happy to finally have one sweet child.  He was enough.  But we were lucky enough to be able to have two more, and now I can't imagine them not having each other.  My older two kids are the very best friends, and they absolutely adore their baby brother. 
November 4:
  • A successful school day!   We've been having a hard time getting school done around here lately.  We just can't seem to get into a routine that works.  But we had a good day.  It took allllll day, but it felt good to get a lot done!
November 5:
  •  My mommy network.  I am so glad to have so many awesome moms in my life.  Friends that I've met through friends of friends...   All these relationships bless me in so many unique ways.
  • Our dear friend Christy.  She let us move into her house when we were homeless and she barely knew us.  She is now family.
November 6:
  •  My husband.  And specifically, a husband that I want to spend time with.  I miss him all day long.  I hear other women complaining about their husbands, talking about how they would drive them crazy if they were around all day...  I love my husband.  And I like him, too.  He's my very best friend in the whole world.  I can't get enough time with him.
November 7:
  • Nephews.  I have five of them.  (And only one niece, who I am also super duper happy to have in my life!)  Two of my nephews I get to see almost every day.  They are wild animals, but great friends to my kids.  The other three, unfortunately, live far away, but on that day I got to spend a couple hours with one of them.  I wish he lived closer!
  • That my husband gets to be a dad.  I love hearing our babies call him Daddy.  He is a really great dad, he loves our kids unconditionally, and I'm so glad that I get to be the one to do this parenting thing with him.
Big things, little things, there are so many good things if we open our eyes, ears and hearts.

Thank you, Father, for these blessings.  Thank you for miracles, for mercy and grace.  Thank you for all the love you surround me with every day.  Thank you for family and friends.  Thank you for dreams fulfilled and needs met.  Thank you for Jesus.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing the detail and window into your week. Mine are a short list and some family traditions of thankfulness:

  2. I love Thankful Thursdays! That's my favorite thing about November. I try to be thankful all the time, but during the month of November, it's just easier to be thankful because we're all focused on Thanksgiving. Great post!

  3. This is beautiful, and so important to remember! Sometimes we forget to thank God instead of always asking things of him. Awesome!

  4. Oh I love this! I like my husband too! Not a lot of people in our circle know him too well and from the outside he can be kinda intimidating but he is really the coolest guy I know. I am in constant awe of the man he is and SO thankful the Lord brought him to me!! I liked reading your list, it's so nice to stop and say what we're thankful for!


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