Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Who?

For weeks now, bloggers everywhere have been talking about fall.  Some have been enjoying the cooler weather and fun wardrobe shift that comes with it.  Others, like myself, have been wondering if fall would ever come... We've had a few cooler days, but today, on September 18th, it is currently 84 degrees!!  I am definitely looking forward to wearing my boots and scarves again!

This outfit is actually from a few weeks ago, but I may as well be wearing it today. And I realize, it's really nothing special.  But it was simple and comfortable.  And totally me.  

Tank: Old Navy / Shorts: Old Navy / Sandals: Target / Necklace: GroopDealz / Earrings: New York & Company

I've recently started wearing yellow gold jewelry.  I've always always always worn white gold, because I didn't think yellow gold looked good with my skin tone or something...  But some outfits just call for some yellow gold.  I wish I had a closeup shot of my earrings and necklace from this outfit, buuut I don't.  I got these gold heart earrings at New York & Company for $2.99!  I got them in silver, too.  :)  And my adorable XO necklace is from GroopDealz.  I get a lot of my accessories from GroopDealz, because they have cute stuff at great prices!  Go check them out!  If you follow this link, you can get $5 off an order of $20, and I'll earn $5, too! 

P.S.  My sandals are on clearance, if you want to snag yourself a pair! Oooh, and my shorts and tank are, too.  Follow the links above, below my picture!

P.P.S.  Aaaahhhh, it feels so good to be back!


  1. cute outfit and love your pixie cut! those sandals are great, haven't seen them before which means I am long overdue for a date with my local Target shoe section!

  2. This is cute! I'm with you on yellow gold, I've always been drawn towards silver/white gold (my wedding rings are white gold), but you're right, yellow gold just looks better with some outfits!

  3. Cute, simple outfit. It got up too 90 here today, which is fall for us. Love the sandals ;-)

  4. I agree with what you said about certain outfits with jewelry. I have always worn silver but with outfits that are neutral (browns, beige, jewel tones) I just don't feel like it matches. I've started wearing antique gold jewelry instead.


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