Friday, May 24, 2013

New Hobby

About six months ago, through Pinterest of course, I discovered the world of style blogs!  And I. Was. Hooked.  See, I was creeping up on my 30th birthday, and I realized that I still had no clue how to dress myself.  I just wanted to look cute, y'all!  And age appropriate!  And still be able to roll around on the floor with my kids.  AND do all this on a very limited budget!  Little did I know, there were other people out there trying to do the same thing, figuring it out, and even sharing about it on the world wide web!  Who knew I, of all people, could be so interested in fashion?!  But not runway fashion... everyday, real-life, modest fashion.  I started working on discovering my own style, and growing my wardrobe.  I've made some mistakes, but I'm learning!  Some of the blogs that have been super helpful and inspiring include Putting Me Together, ...for Lauren and Lauren, and Franish.  I also enjoy Blue Paper Lanterns, Freckled Fashionista, kristina in retroworter, Stylin' Mommies and Along the Lines of Style.  I used to have quite a long list of blogs I was following, but have cut back to my favorites, although I still follow a bunch on Pinterest and Facebook!

Soooo, I've decided that I want to join in on the fun!  I've been hesitant to start doing outfit posts, as I still don't feel like I know what I'm doing...  and I don't really have a clue how to use my fancy camera.  But we all have to start somewhere, and I think this will be a fun new hobby for me!

Without further ado, here is my first official outfit!  :-D  Trendy, comfortable and affordable!  Just the way I like it!

Adorable little photo bomber I have there, huh?!

Chambray top: JCPenney;  Mint Skinnies: Kohl's;  Shoes: TOMS


  1. i love those shoes!!! so cute!!!

  2. welcome to the world of style blogs!! lol. I like reading them for the same reasons, it's nice to see how regular people style pieces on a budget, with similar body types and without all the touching up you see on websites or magazines. if i'm tinking about ordering something online the first thing I do is google it too try and find it on a blog somewhere to see how it *actually* looks!

    anyways have fun with outfit posts, they really are fun and its nice to have an archive to go back through as your style evolves :)

  3. Glad to have found you! I started following Caitlin from Greater Than Rubies via Audrey from PMT (both godly women and cute style bloggers) and I asked them if they knew any good "mommy style blogs" because frankly sometimes those cute Pinterest outfits don't work for mommas! You are inspiring! I'm so glad I'm not alone!


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