Monday, May 27, 2013


I had a completely different post ready for today, but decided to throw this one together quick so I could participate in Whitney's We Love Target link-up.  Today's item to style is a top.  This was my only choice to post, as I JUST started taking pics for the blog, so all you get is a black tee.  But I think that's okay, because basics are just as important as the fun, unique pieces.  You can  have more fun with the rest of the outfit!  This outfit basically started with me wanting to wear the shoes and scarf, and then finding a pair of pants and shirt that I thought might would work.  Before my style quest began, I NEVER would have worn these pants with these shoes!  For one, I didn't own either, but I also never would have experimented with mixing colors like this.  I think the scarf helps to make the color combo work.  I think I would have preferred a white or gray shirt, but don't have either.  I'm slowly building my wardrobe... This outfit was fun for me to wear.  What do you think?

Scarf: Very Jane;  Tee: Target;  Blue Skinnies: Kohl's;  Shoes: Target

I also wanted to mention that you will surely see a lot of these earrings.  I used to wear a lot of big, dangling earrings, but I'm digging the studs these days.

Earrings: Kohl's


  1. That scarf looks great! The bright blue pants and aqua tennis shoes are really cute.

  2. so cute autumn! i love those blue pants and that scarf too! yeah for outfit posts :)

  3. SO CUTE! I love the color balance in this outfit! Thanks for joining us in our link-up today!

  4. Your outfit is so cute!!! I love the scarf a lot! :-)

  5. everyone seems to find the best stuff at target!! I wish we had them here in Canada!


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