Monday, February 28, 2011


It's been a full four weeks since my last post...  OOOOOPS!  In my defense, the month of February was a bit CRAZY!

Here is a little time-line of house related events:

January 31:  Mid-morning - called a possible new Realtor
January 31:  4 pm - Possible new Realtor was at our house, FULL of ideas and excitement
February 3:  Consultant with painting lady about kitchen cupboards (we ended up NOT doing it!), and some furniture rearrangement with the help our new Realtor
February 4:  Menards run!
February 5:  Painting, hanging art, painting, fixing basement window trim, painting, moving furniture, cleaning
February 6:  11 am - Showing #1
February 7:  Signed contract with Realtor
February 9:  8 pm - Showing #2
February 13:  10:30 am - Showing #3
February 16:  4 pm - Showing #4
February 21:  11:30 am - Showing #5
February 25:  10 am - Showing #6 (a 2nd with the people from #5)
February 25:  Just after noon - An OFFER comes in.  It was very low, so we countered back that afternoon.
February 28:  Heard back that they have decided to keep looking...

So yeah, a showing every 3-5 days...  that's a LOT of cleaning.  I'm ready for March and a decent offer or two!

Hopefully I will be back sooner than a month from now with more details on our meeting with our new Realtor and everything we did to get the house ready.  I also have a couple other random decorating posts in the works....

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