Monday, December 6, 2010

Season's Greetings!

Well hey there! Long time, no see! It's probably about time I check in again. I have all sorts of great ideas for blog posts, but never seem to get them out of my brain and into cyberspace. Hopefully soon you will be bombarded with information about what we did this summer (including Eli's 4th birthday!), and our homeschooling adventures this fall. We've been busy!

But for now, let's chat about Christmas! I am SO excited for Christmas this year. I mean, I always like this time of year (except the awful weather!), but this year I'm just loving the holiday season. I could hardly wait to put my tree up, but I managed to hold off until the weekend after Thanksgiving. I've been having so much fun buying presents for my kids and my niece and nephews. I can't wait to watch them open them! Of course, I'll have to wrap them first! :-D

One thing I've decided to do again this year is send out Christmas photo cards! I never felt the need to send out cards before we had kids, but since Eli (and then Lena!) came along, I've loved the idea of sending out a photo card with pictures of our adorable kids. The first three years after we became parents, however, I just didn't make it happen. One year we even took a few cute family pictures at Thanksgiving, which I made into a card, but I never got it printed and sent out! OOPS! But last year, finally, success! We got family photos taken in August by Inspired Photography & More, and they were just SO good, I HAD to make them into a Christmas card! It turned out super cute, and now I'm hooked!

This year, I'm excited to order our Christmas card from Shutterfly. I've heard LOTS of good things about them, and from what I can see, they have a great selection!  A few in particular really caught my eye, including this one, this one, and this one.  I like the great colors!  Sorry, but you'll just have to wait and see what I chose!  ;-)

Shutterfly also has photo calendars that would make a great gift!  And for after the holidays, you can order thank you cards!

Did I mention that they have a promotion going on for bloggers to receive 50 FREE Christmas cards?!  Yeah!  Check it out!  I did!  :-D

I can't guarantee I'll be back before December 25th, so....


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